Monday, February 17, 2014

be Careful What You Wish For, It Just Might Come True

Remember the story about Aladdins lamp? As the story goes, the boy picks up the lamp and rubs it. Out comes a genie and tells the boy that he has three wishes. The boy gives him his first wish and the genie tells him that your wish is my command. The boy continues with his second and third wish as the genie follows through with your wish is my command. I always found that story fascinating and dreamed that would some day come true for me.

When I was a child I did not understand that the genie is just a symbol and really stands for the higher power, God, the Universe, Allah, whoever is your highest consciousness. So what this story really means is that whatever belief system you have in place, that is who is granting your every wish. For now, we will continue to use the genie.

the law of attraction is always working in everyone persons life whether you realize it or not. Have you caught yourself asking for something and then later thinking to yourself that you will never be able to acquire it? The genie is in everyones life and he is making your wishes come true. He is in essence saying to you each time you ask for something or wish for something that your wish is my command. Just think about that for a few minutes.

Say you want a promotion really bad at work and you constantly say to yourself that you deserve that job because you are the best person for that position. As time goes by and you have not heard anything, negative thoughts start creeping in and you start doubting yourself and your ability to actually get the promotion. Remember that every single thought that you are thinking is backed up with the genie telling you that your wish is my command. Be careful what you wish for.

The genie can get overwhelmed at times because you are throwing so many different thoughts that way. Such as I really would like to buy that; your wish is my command, but I cannot afford it; your wish is my command. I want that promotion so bad; your wish is my command, but I do not know if I will get it; your wish is my command. When you follow your wish with a negative statement that is what you are going to get. Keep those positive thoughts, wishes and dreams in your mind at all times and the genie will grant your wish.

The most important lesson I learned about keeping negative thoughts out of my mind is the genie story. Everything you say, think, feel and do are coming from that higher place. The genie is granting your wishes without you realizing that is what is really happening. Just remember to be careful what you wish for or your wish just might come true.

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